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B) DPT-Tool modules


- Main-Components:

dpt-package: Implementation of GUI-components of DPT-tool(e.g. frame, dialogs)

dpt.filetab-package:   Contains classes for  DPT-Project file-table.

dpt.symbtab-package: Implementation of Symbol-table for Java source code

dpt.obj-package:        Contains objects and object manager of DPT-tool

javax:                                     Swing-Classes which are used by DPT



- Parsers:

antlr-package:                  ANTLR2.7 compiler-compiler

parsers.syntax-package:   Grammar recognizer parser for Java(1.1) language

parsers.symbtab-package:Symbol-Table parser for Java(1.1) language      DPT-Parsers are useful tools (e.g. for reading config-files)



- Generators:

generators-package: Contains  transformation-bean GUI, interface, abstract generators

generators.beans-package: Implementation of concrete transformation-generator beans



- Others directories:

welcome:        Contains source of DPT-Example program

projects:         This directory contains user projects

com:                Contains component-layouts

dpt/ini:            This directory contains the configuration and init-files of DPT-Tool.