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TechNote/ Networking/ Samba: One users experience

Why and how to use Samba for Integration of WinNT and Unix

Project: MNM / Fopra

Author: Alexej Kupin(Date: 30.11.99)

Link: a presentation in german


This page is a collection of links to the main document.
After I put some tips and trix on the Samba-Mailing list
many people sent me a thank you letter... At the end of my work
I decided to put all of my experience on the Web.
I hope that it will help you and will save you time...

The main document contains my experience with Samba and
will show you step by step how to install, setup and use
Samba and Samba as PDC. You will find here many solutions
(e.g. NIS-password synchronisation, server-profiles,...)
Enjoy it!

0) Prolog

a) My Project
b) Managment in Windows/Unix mixed environment
c) Why use Samba

1) Overview of existing solutions

(for integration of Windows & Unix-systems in one LAN.)

a) Terminal Server solution
b) WinNT-Server as PDC
c) Unix-DC(NIS/YP) with WinNT-Clients
d) NFS/SMB-Gateway(Samba as Fileserver)
e) Samba as PDC on NIS-DC

2) Get Samba source

a) Standard download of Samba
b) Head(cvs) Branch-version of Samba

3) Install Samba

a) Make procedure
b) Before "configure"(config options)
c) Before "make install"(make options)
d) Problems so far...

4) Configure Samba

a) Configuration file(smb.conf)
b) Start Samba(smbd/nmbd)
c) smbclient/smbpasswd
d) printer
e) Problems so far...

5) Logon from Win-PC

a) Netlogon
b) Howto: Machine$
c) Encrypted/plain passwords
d) Problems so far...

6) Samba as PDC

a) PDC-configuration
b) Roaming profiles
c) NIS-Password synchronisation
d) Problems so far...

Last Modified: 30.11.99
1999 Alexej Kupin