This is the Help-File for DPT:

  • Requirements
  • Environment
  • FAQ


    DPT - runs on Win95/98/NT or Linux/Unix. DPT uses jdk1.2.2 and ANTLR 2.7(for jdk1.2.2)
    (DPT-V1.1.2 runs also on jdk1.3, but there might be some problems)
    It requires 8MB of RAM and 4MB on the hard drive.
    I developed and tested DPT on a 350MHz notebook and was satisfied with the speed for a project with 20 source-files.


    The DPT-tool is programmed in Java(JDK-2.0) on a WinNT4.0 platform with
    JBuilder3.0 development environment. DPT uses Swing-classes for the GUI
    and ANTLR2.7 compiler-compiler for the creation of the syntax-parser and
    the symbol table parser.

    The implementation of DPT-software was completed in 3 months.

    The initial design of DPT allows transformations of C/C++ and Java programs.
    Additionally it can support high level transformations like C to C++ or C++ to Java.
    The current version (DPT 1.1.2) supports only Java to Java transformations.
    To support the transformations for different programming languages the parser
    and the generators should be switched to the language of the source code.


    1) I want to add a sorce file to DPT-Project
    and DPT displays: "FAT-Error: original is in working directory"
    Alexej: DPT is working with a copy of your source-code. 
    The working directory can't be the original location of your source!
    2) I want to add a sorce file to DPT-Project
    and DPT displays: "FAT-Error: Duplicate"
    Alexej: is already in your project. 
    3) If you have other FAT-problems...
    Alexej: Before you start DPT you can delete the working
    copy of your files (in /dpt/projects/YourProjectName/src/)
    Dpt updates the working-directory automatically.
    If not or problems -> update your dpt.jar (see 4)
    You can also modify  /dpt/projects/YourProjectName/etc/fat.ini
    4) DPT shows Warning: "SymbTab-Parser Warning: expecting EOF, found 'null'
    Alexej: Well this is really a strange one!
    Its happend on some mashines and on other not!
    The problem: there is a new line before EOF.
    This is not ANTLR-bug! It seems to be a jre-problem.
    I found it also in other SW and also in my own parser.
    ( it happens in LineNumbered Reader.getLine() )
    It does not affect the functionality of DPT.(check your dpt.jar-version)
    You can ignore it or just remove the new line before EOF.
    5) Other problems...
    - Check if the dpt.jar is up to date. If not download it.
    - Make sure that only one DPT-Tool is running!
    - Make sure you are using jdk1.2.2 
    (I used dpt also with jdk1.3 but there might be some problems)
    - NullPointerException in "ParserDPT" 
      Alexej: Update your jar-file from Web (see also 4)